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Audience-first fundraising

Most new fundraising events are aimed at millennials. Lucky them. But baby boomers have all the time, money and fun. So we helped Macmillan develop an all-new event with this audience’s love of a creative, fun night in with friends front and centre. 

Raising funds doesn't have to be muuuurder

We know a murder mystery for Macmillan has to be as good as anything you can buy. From the plotting to the casting to the storytelling to the asking – everything takes place in a dramatic, creative, unexpected world that we create. From a 1950s country house mystery to murder on the high seas, we unveil a drama that starts the second you engage with it on social and carries on throughout the journey. Along the way we create lots of opportunities for people to support one of their favourite charities and share the fun they’re having.

Some serious fun

For our first Macmillan Murder Mystery over 16,000 people signed up and we raised over £287,000. In year two the results were even better. By adding clues that only came with a text donation, we inspired over 14,000 people to donate an additional £50,000 on top of paying to take part.

Our Whodunnit continues to create loads of brilliant nights in, inspire plenty of ridiculous costumes, and most importantly make life better for many, many people with cancer.