This week the great marketing sector stars have aligned and we’ve seen Social Media Week and Remember a Charity Week fall on the same 7 days. Coincidence, this may be, but we think the overlap between legacies and social channels is a particularly interesting one. We know a will is something deeply private and we never expect Brits to share “I’ve just pledged to leave my house to the RSPCA” on twitter. But we also know social has become an increasingly editorial channel – the perfect place for videos and testimonials that normalise the practice of leaving a legacy to a charity amongst the right people. Charities are seeing the greatest success when drip feeding legacy messages into their DM, email and other comms plans. Adding a legacy pillar to your social media content calendar seems like a no brainer too. Then there’s the demographics. Facebook’s fastest growing group is still the over 55s, perfect for legacy messages. On several recent campaigns we’ve even seen these silver surfers be the most responsive to Facebook advertising, perhaps because they’re still new-ish to the channel and not yet sceptical of its ads. Plus, people are writing wills earlier than ever before, so it’s not just the silver surfers we’re talking to but the very socially active baby boomers too. Legacies present an enormous opportunity for the charity sector in the coming years with sector income set to more than double from £2.1bn to £5.2bn between 2020 and 2050, mostly due to population changes. We believe social is the perfect platform to open up this opportunity. Remember a Charity week is a particularly great way for smaller charities with less resources to come together and make a bigger noise. Of course social was a part of that this month with a lovely little animation called #MyWisdom being shared widely. We were a bit surprised at how many larger charities did nothing more than share this animation on social though. With the size of the opportunity what it is, we were expecting bespoke legacy campaigns on social with targeted Facebook link ads, video testimonials optimised perfectly for the channels and mobile responsive landing pages seamlessly collecting data and giving out free will writing guidance. The only large charity we spotted doing something special was Oxfam, who went with a campaign that used Facebook’s innovative new editorial post format and a pertinent proposition – make ending poverty part of your life story. Really nice. Next year we’d love to see more even charities make the most of the lucrative opportunity of legacy fundraising on social. Let make sure it’s your charity that people remember in 2017.